Hunter's Beer gives reviews and descriptions of different beers that I sample and enjoy. I welcome all to sample, share, and comment with their own experiences of different beers. This blog will use many different styles and values of beer, from mass produced American beers to top of the line micro-brewers to historical brews from around the world. I present the information on the beer in a very informal and laymen manner, nothing you would find at a vineyard in France. So come, pop a top, and enjoy!

I will be using a 'cheer' system for quick ratings of the beer. The main factors I will use are taste, quality, lasting appeal and price.

5 Cheers - The best example of the quote by Ben Franklin "Beer is proof that God loves us and want us to be happy."
4 Cheers - Good enough to be remembered a week after drinking it, but falls just short.
3 Cheers - Only good enough to remembered the next day.
2 Cheers - Forgotten the next day, but good enough to be remembered in an hour.
1 Cheer - Forgettable.
Crickets - Skunked beer. Not even finished.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Corona Extra- Grupo Modelo


Most people have had a Corona in their past.  Of course, with every Corona comes a lime.  I did not forgo this important step when reviewing this, but I did sample the beer before adding the lime.  So let's get down to this.

Sight - As you could see in the picture, the head of the beer is extremely lacking.  But Corona is not know for its wonderful head, but for its cool, drinkable, and relaxing nature.  At least thats what the ads for this beer state.  When looking at the actually beer, a lager appears that reflects a sunny day.  It looks to be promising.

Smell - Tipping the glass to my nose, and giving a big sniff raveled that there is not a lot of smell to this lager.   Its hard to get a sense of the hops in this beer, as they are very weak.  If you get close enough, you will start to pick up on a smell of the malts, although still weak, and not rewarding.

Taste - Without adding the lime first, Corona gives a hard bitter taste from the first gulp.  It is almost unbearable to drink because of the lack of flavor and strength of alcohol that usually accompanies bitter beers.  Adding the lime solves a lot of these problems with the bitterness, but the problem is that you have to add a lime to Corona to make it a drinkable a beer.   The limes adds tartness and smoothness to the beer, almost to the point where the drinker is forgetting that he or she is drinking a beer.  These two polar opposites works against each other, and do not come together in harmony.   You either like the bitterness, the extreme smoothness, or you don't.

Overall - Corona can be enjoyable on a hot summer day.  It is an easy drinkable beer, but lacks any true qualities that make up a remarkable beer.  You are not going to brag to your friends that you drank Corona, just that you are relaxing.  The price is excellent though, which could make up for the problems I have the beer for other people.  One thing that can be proven is the success of Corona advertising all over the world.

2 out of 5 Cheers!

Imperial Red Ale #8 - Epic Brewing Company


An important vintage ale from Epic Brewing, it will be hard to find one of these pint and and half bottles outside of special beer shops.  Another factor that makes this ale hard to find is its limited release, with only 1,800 bottles made.  Plus the price tag can turn some away at just under $7 dollars.  But with all of these limitations, the actual beer itself is a delight experiences for the senses. Being the eighth in the series of Imperial Red Ales, Epic Brewing has nearly perfected their formula.

Sight - A very dark red ale, with an equally amazing head, this ale presents itself as almost a challenge by observations alone.  Light can barley penetrate through the beer, showing that dark                                                                                           more important dry, hops that were used                                                                     in the making of this beer.

Smell - Just one tiny sniff of this bold beer reveals the caramel malts used in this beer.  It is not overwhelming, more of a hint than anything else.  What is strong with the smell of this beer is the strong hops used in combination with the malt.  Just as with the sight of this beer, in shows itself as another challenge to the drinker.  It invites, yet warns, the drinker.  Overall, the sweetness of the malt and the strength of the hops work together, begging the drinker to continue.

Taste - The big gulp.  The balance of the hops and the caramel malt finally breaks with a sip, with the hops's flavor charging forward over your taste buds.  The malt lingers afterwards, leaving a delightful sweet aftertaste in your mouth.  I highly recommend taking your time with this beer.  The faster you drink this beer, the less distinct the difference from the malt and the hops is lost.  That is the biggest feature of this beer.  Be sure to drink through the head of the beer, trying to leave most of it at the end of the drink.  It will give a nice sweet sensation, almost like a dessert after a hardy meal.  

Overall - A great sipping beer for a long night ahead.  It is a potent beer at 8.1% alcohol.  The price is a bit much if you are just looking for a high alcohol beer, but the mix between the malt and the hops leaves a long lasting appeal.  While I will not be buying anymore of this beer due to the price tag, but it is still a good one time experience that I would recommend sharing with a friend (and possible the price tag).

4 out of 5 Cheers!