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I will be using a 'cheer' system for quick ratings of the beer. The main factors I will use are taste, quality, lasting appeal and price.

5 Cheers - The best example of the quote by Ben Franklin "Beer is proof that God loves us and want us to be happy."
4 Cheers - Good enough to be remembered a week after drinking it, but falls just short.
3 Cheers - Only good enough to remembered the next day.
2 Cheers - Forgotten the next day, but good enough to be remembered in an hour.
1 Cheer - Forgettable.
Crickets - Skunked beer. Not even finished.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Saint Bernardus Whitbier - St. Bernarud Brewing Company


 Saint Bernardus is one of more well known Belgium brewers in the world.   The happy monk mascot has been an icon in the beer world since the refounding of the brewery in the mid 19th century.  This is a traditional whitbier, or wheat beer.  Make sure not to confuse this with the German style wheat beer, as the Belgium wheat beer is different.  Let us see how this beer stacks up.

Sight - This beer carbonates very well! It is much lighter in color than other wheat beers, especially from German style wheat beers, which can be a darker amber color.  Because of the way the beer carbonates, it produces a great head for a beer with wheat in it.

Smell - Unfortunately, this beer does not have the scent like other wheat beers.  This could be because of it is a Belgium wheat beer, or simply could just the be the beer itself.  The wheat is not as prominent as in other styles of wheat beers.

Taste - While other wheat beers are crispy and often have some zest to them, St. Bernardus does not. This beer is heavy in taste for the light amber color it has.  One word that comes to mind to describe it is 'muggy,' in contracts to the usually crisp taste. It is a full flavor beer that never loses its taste throughout the entire drink, which is a great indicator of quality.

Overall - This is a beer that has a very small niche of people who would enjoy it.  If you have ever had a beer from Belgium and liked, you must try this one without a doubt.  I  would encourage anyone to sample it if they get the chance to, as it is hard to come by in states.  It is a historic beer that many people has drank since the Middle Ages, when the monasteries brewed beer to make fasting easier.

3 out of 5 cheers!

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