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I will be using a 'cheer' system for quick ratings of the beer. The main factors I will use are taste, quality, lasting appeal and price.

5 Cheers - The best example of the quote by Ben Franklin "Beer is proof that God loves us and want us to be happy."
4 Cheers - Good enough to be remembered a week after drinking it, but falls just short.
3 Cheers - Only good enough to remembered the next day.
2 Cheers - Forgotten the next day, but good enough to be remembered in an hour.
1 Cheer - Forgettable.
Crickets - Skunked beer. Not even finished.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Founder's Double Trouble Double IPA - Founder's Brewing Company


Founder's Brewing Company in Great Rapids, Michigan is growing to be one of my favorite brewing companies in the United States.  Their Backdoor Bastard Ale, a thick high gravity beer aged in bourbon barrels, is one beer that I will drive to another town to get (you can get it at The Brick Store near downtown Atlanta, GA, that is where i first encountered it.)  Needless to say, I have high expectations for their double IPA.  Extra hoppy and  high gravity, these types of beers go beyond what a traditional IPA does and is turning in to a mark of quality  for a brewing company.  The better their double IPA, the better the overall brewing company is.

Sight - What a great head for this beer!  You can tell this beer is fresh as can be with the insane amount of carbonation that is happening within the glass.  Not even a Coke has this much carbonation, and this is a good thing.  This beer has a fresh from the tap sight, even brewing keg, and hopefully smell and taste.

Smell - Right when the cap of the beer is removed, the aromas of fresh hops is released, even before the beer is poured.  Smelling the beer straight like any other beer overwhelmed me and proved to be very potent.   I do not recommend do this unless you want your head cleared.  Overall, this smell again shows the freshness of this beer.

Taste - Be wary, beer drinkers, this is an excellent tasting beer but it is not for those who have no idea what an IBU (this beer stands at 86 IBU's, extremely high) is or have never had an IPA.  The bitterness of the beer hits you at first, but slowly sizzles out, more prominently in the after taste of the beer.  Once the intense bitterness subdues, the true flavor of the beer  reveals itself as a heavily hopped beer that means business.  The high gravity (or alcohol content) of the beer also hits with the bitterness, but is a welcomed relief.  It is an effective mix of alcohol, bitterness, and carbonation, just what people expect from a double IPA.

Overall - This beer is meant to sipped at a snail's pace.  The high alcohol content and IBU should ward away anyone who tries to down this in under 10 minutes.  Take an hour to drink this one, it gets better the more it breaths.  Plus this is a fresh beer that has not been setting on a store's shelf for a long time.  Its great taste should remain all the way through January, so go grab some now.

4 out of 5 cheers!

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