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5 Cheers - The best example of the quote by Ben Franklin "Beer is proof that God loves us and want us to be happy."
4 Cheers - Good enough to be remembered a week after drinking it, but falls just short.
3 Cheers - Only good enough to remembered the next day.
2 Cheers - Forgotten the next day, but good enough to be remembered in an hour.
1 Cheer - Forgettable.
Crickets - Skunked beer. Not even finished.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Guinness Draught in a Can - Guinness Brewing Company


Guinness Draught
The legendary Guinness Draught stout.  Nothing shows to the world that you are a serious beer drinker, and perhaps a serious man, than ordering one of these on tap.  Sadly, living in Boone, fresh Guinness kegs are extremely hard to come by.  Because of this, I am forced to go for a can (sorry Arthur Guinness, you must be rolling in your grave).  The team at the brewing company does not simple can and ship, they supply the can with plenty of features to try and keep the stout fresh as possible.  This includes a little ball that sits right below the tap that guarantees a fresh tap that will produce the legendary head of Guinness.  But is this can worth the investment, or are you better off waiting for a fresh keg from Dublin hitting your town?

Sight - It's a can.  It looks appealing....but we will see.

Smell - Surprisingly, this can preserves the mighty smell of Guinness fairly well.  You know it is a Guinness from smell alone, but it is not as fresh as the keg.  The unmistakable barley that is used in stead of malts in this beer are preserved well enough.  It still has a slight flat smell to it, which is not good for the beer.

Taste - Sorry Arthur, your famous stout should just not be canned the way it is.  The taste is just insulting to the grand brand of Guinness.  The legendary head is just lost.  Completely.  One good thing that the can offers is the slight more dryness that the can provides due to extra fermentation that happens in a can over a keg or bottle.  The dryness maybe be a turn off though for people who never have had a Guinness before.

Overall -   If you have never had a Guinness from a keg before, do not buy this at all.  Go find a keg and enjoy!  If you are huge Guinness lover and there are no kegs around in your town, pick up a four pack of this and semi-enjoy!  This beer in a can fixes a hankering for a Guinness if you have one, but don't let it be your first.  Just like any other first,  it needs to be the best possible or be forever scarred for the rest of your life.

1 out of 5 Cheers!

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